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Born in Balta (Russia) December 19, 1905 into a well-to-do family of grain dealers in Crimea.

In 1918 his father sends him to study drawing and painting with MaÓtre Ilya Bersetski in Odessa.

In 1919 the Pricert family were forced by the October Revolution to leave Russia and escaped to Rumania. Raphael Pricert pursues his artistic studies in the Art School of Bucharest.

 In 1923 Raphael Pricert went to Florence to study at the Florence Art Academy with Bastianini, Trentacosta, Felice Carena etc.

In 1928 he wins the second prize of the Florence Academy of Arts and then returns to his family in Bucharest, Rumania.

In 1929 a Russian theatre company stages a play by Chekov in Bucharest. He spends his evenings in the theatre wings, drawing the portraits of the actors, and soon becomes their friend. During his stay in this city he takes part in an exhibition and decides to give up the  material security his family offers him, to dedicate himself to art. He moves to Zurich Ė Switzerland, where he finds he can make a living from drawing for advertising.  He also spends much time drawing and painting.

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